MSTC Limited has launched its e-auction portal in 2002 and since then it has emerged as the leading e-auction service provider in the country. With vast experience of many years in the area of e-auction, MSTC has developed the most diversified e-commerce portfolios. Through various types of e-commerce modules MSTC has ensured transparency, fairness and equal opportunity in online bidding processes. This has resulted in maximization of government revenues and stakeholder satisfaction.

Various Ministries of Government of India like Power, Coal, Mines, P & NG, Defence, etc., State & central PSUs, Private Sector organisations are utilizing our e-auction services for selling various products. All the Government Sector banks are selling their NPAs through this auction portal.

More than 1,00,000 users are registered with our e-commerce portal and this generates significant competition, which leads to fair price discovery. The experience gained from conducting more than 200000 events of different types, has given MSTC the confidence to develop any customised auction platform to suit the requirements of the clients.

The major e-auction modules available with MSTC are given below:

English Auction (Price only bid)

Yankee Auction (Price cum quantity bid)

e-Tender / e-Tender-cum-e-Auction

Book Building

Two Stage bid (Technical-cum-price)

Swiss Challenge

Simultaneous Multiple Round Ascending Auctions (SMRA)

MSTC’s e-auction platform is integrated with various banks for e-payment facility. For handling bidding in most transparent manner, MSTC has implemented Global EMD Management System for managing EMDs automatically during the bidding process. The auction platform is PKI enabled.

Various products/materials auctioned in MSTC’s auction platform are:

Scrap & surplus items

Plant & machinery items

Minerals like Iron Ore, Manganese Ore, Chrome Ore, etc.

Coal, lignite, petcock

Coal Mine Block

Major & Minor mineral blocks

Agricultural & horticulture produce

Forest produce like timber, sandal wood, red sander, tendu leaves, etc.

Moveable & Immovable properties

Customs confiscated goods

MSTC’s auction platform can be customised to sale any products as well as services.