Prospective Bidders are informed that the mine dossiers of of Dolesara, Jarekela, Ramchandi Promotion Block, Chintalpudi Sector A1, Kosala West, Jamui, Jhigador, Khargaon, Rajathari South, Gondbahera Ujheni, Burapahar and Basantpur coal mines have been updated recently. The Peak Rated Capacity of Burapahar coal mine has been revised. Revised mine summaries for Somavaram West, Chintalpudi Sector A1, Kosala West Burapahar and Basantpur coal mines have been uploaded on the auction portal.
Notice for the Pre-bid Conference for the Auction of coal mines for Sale of Coal in 12th tranche under CM(SP) Act and 2nd tranche under MMDR Act, have been uploaded | The Pre-Bid Conference which was scheduled to be held on April 15, 2021 has been postponed to April 26, 2021.