The Earnest Money Deposit(EMD) amount in the Spot e-Auction is revised to Rs 500 per MT.   Buyer login validity has been extended up to 31.03.2023

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Sl No Auction Ref No Auction Start Time Auction Close Time
1 MSTC/HO/ECL_CLUSTER/1/Sanctoria/22-23/115 2023-03-30 11:00:00.0 2023-03-30 13:00:00.0
2 MSTC/HO/WESTERN COALFIELDS LTMITED-COAL ROAD/3/NAGPUR/22-23/60 2023-11-30 11:00:00.0 2023-11-30 13:00:00.0
3 MSTC/HO/BHARAT COKING COAL LTD/7/ROAD SALES (S&M)/22-23/45 2024-03-31 11:00:00.0 2024-03-31 13:00:00.0
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