Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the name of MSTC’s website for purchase of coal?

Ans. MSTC’s website for purchase of coal is

2. How to get registered with MSTC for purchase of coal?

Ans. (i) Log on to our website at

(ii) Click the link e-Auction.

(iii) Click on the link 'Coal e-Auction' and then on the link provided: ‘Register’.

(iv) Two options will appear: (a) Register as Buyer and (b) Register as Seller.

(v) Select and click on "Register as Buyer" option.

(vi) Buyer's Registration Form will appear on the screen. Fill up the desired information. Coal/Coal Products shall appear by default in the Buyer Type field. Tick in the appropriate checkbox for exclusive e-auction or special forward e-auction from the option available if you want to participate in the exclusive e-auction for Non power sector (including CPPs) or special forward e-auction for power sector. If you want to participate only in the spot e-auction then do not choose any of these options. It is to be noted that the registrations for Exclusive e-auction for Non power and Special forward e-auction for Power sector consumers & for end use only and not for traders. Trader/s should opt only for Spot e-auction registration/s.

(vii) All field’s marked with * are mandatory and must be filled in.

(viii) Select your User ID and Password and keep a note of the same.

(ix) Tick in the checkbox for General terms & conditions and Buyer specific Terms & Conditions of e-auction.

(x) After filling up the form click on the ‘Submit’ button.

(xi) The next page is not relevant to you. Please do not fill anything and click on ‘Preview’ button. The buyer needs to choose their relevant category as trader or consumer. All the information typed in the form will be displayed to you ‘for Check & Verification’. If the information is correctly entered then click on ‘Submit’ button.

(xii) On successful registration the system will send you an email and also inform you instantly to submit ‘Registration Fee’ along with Self Certified copies of relevant documents to be submitted as mentioned below:

(a) One passport size photograph of the authorized/contact person along with a copy of individual PAN Card or Driving License.

(b) A copy of PAN Card of the Company/Proprietor.

(c) A copy Valid GST Certificate of the company.

(d) A copy of latest Income Tax return for the Company/ Proprietor.

(e) Original certificate from Bank certifying the address of the bidder and status & no. of the account.

(f) Registration fee by way of Demand Draft/Pay Order in favour of MSTC Limited, payable at Kolkata.

The Registration fee: In order to participate in our on-line e-auctions, bidders/buyers are requested to pay a non-refundable registration fee of Rs.2,000/- + applicable GST i.e @ 18 %, Rs.360 = Rs.2360/- (Rupees two thousand three hundred sixty only). Bidders/buyers login will be activated with a validity upto 16.08.2020.

The above documents and the registration fee can be submitted at any of our offices in India whose address is available on the website itself. The relevant documents can also be sent to directly at our Head office address: MSTC LTD (A Govt. of India enterprise), Coal cell department, 225-F, A.J.C Bose Road, Kolkata -700 020, West Bengal, India.

On submission of documents, the bidder account will be activated and ‘Photo Identity Card’ shall be issued.

3. Who is eligible for registration / participation in “CIL-SPOT e-Auction” scheme for procurement of coal?

Ans. Any Indian buyer (viz. individual, partnership firm, companies etc) can register/participate Spot e-auction scheme for procurement of coal. Please click here, for CIL-Spot e-Auction scheme

4. Who is eligible for registration / participation in “CIL-SPECIAL FORWARD e Auction for Power Producers” for procurement of coal?

Ans. Independent Power Producing plants (IPPs), Biomass based power plants already commissioned and who are in stress in respect of coal receipt or being commissioned in 2015-16, are eligible to apply for the Special e-auction window for own consumption only and not for transfer or re-sale of coal. Please click here, for CIL-Special Forward e-Auction scheme for Power producers.

5. Who is eligible for registration / participation in “CIL- EXCLUSIVE e Auction for Non-Power Consumers (including CPPs)” for procurement of coal?

Ans. All non-power consumers of coal located in India (viz. Proprietorship/partnership, firm registered in India, companies incorporated in India etc) desiring supply over a long period can participate in Exclusive e-Auction for procurement of coal for own consumption only and not for transfer or re-sale. The consumers of CPPs category shall be eligible to bid under Exclusive E-auction for non Power consumers’ scheme. Please click here, for CIL-Exclusive e-Auction scheme for non-Power.

6. Is their any free site for intended bidders/customers for purchase of coal?

Ans. Yes, our site is a free site containing all relevant details related to our company including information about coal e-auctions. However, e-auction is not conducted on this site.

7. How to login?

Ans. Please follow the following steps:

Step 1. Visit our site

Step 2. Click on the link e-Auction.

Step 3. ‘Click on e-auction for Coal’

Step 4. Enter your User Id and Password

Step 5. Select as a buyer.

Step 6. Press the login button provided on the page.

8. After getting registered with MSTC, when can I receive the user id and password?

Ans. MSTC will never provide customer User id and Password. The customer during registration has to submit a form online, the form has a field named ‘Preferred User Id’ and ‘Password’, which is to be provided by customer as per their choice. In short, we would like to inform that whosoever fills the form online provides the User Id and Password, knows the same.

9. In case I forget my password how to reset/retrieve my password?

Ans. Please follow the given steps:

Step 1. Visit our site

Step 2. Click on the link e-Auction.

Step 3. ‘Click on e-auction for Coal’.

Step 4. Click on the link ‘Forget Password’

Step 5. Select type as buyer from the drop down list; provide User Id, e-mail, PAN No. and bank detail, as per registered record in the system.

New password will be generated by system automatically and resend to registered e-mail of buyer.

10. What are the renewal fee and registration charge?

Ans. The Registration/renewal fee is Rs.2360/- shall be in favor of MSTC Limited, payable at Kolkata. (Rs.2000/- for Registration/Renewal + 360/- as GST, at present GST @18%, or shall be applicable as per notification by GOI time to time)

11. How do I know whether my validity is about to expire?

Ans.: Step 1. Login into our site

Step 2. Click on the link ‘e-auction status’.

A message pops-up whenever a customer login into our site indicating days remaining before the validity expires. The message appears only when validity left for the expiry is less or equal to 30 days.

12. How can I change my user id?

Ans.: Each customer is having a unique ‘User id’ which can never be changed.

13. EMD should be drawn in what name?

Ans. Incase of EMD payment through DD/Pay order, Demand Draft should be drawn in favour of “MSTC Escrow e-Auction- Name of the bidder”, Payable at Kolkata. Please note that the EMD amount to be paid/deposited/submitted at least one day before coal e-auctions date. Coal buyer/s should ensure that the required amount of EMD should be available in bidder’s account/ledger for participation in the e-auction across the subsidiary coal companies of CIL.

14. Can we deposit the EMD online?

Ans. Yes, EMD can be deposited by bidder/buyer online also.

A customer can deposit EMD by the following ways.

A). By depositing a Demand draft in any of the offices of MSTC.

B). e-payment /online EMD payment facility: Net banking /RTGS/NEFT facility has been introduced for submission of EMD for coal e-auctions. Bidder can simply log in at MSTC’S coal webpage:, using User id and password and transfer the desired amount towards EMD with the help of net banking facility extended by HDFC banks. Bidder only needs to have an account with HDFC banks and register with them for net banking facility.

For ease, please follow the steps given below to transfer EMD amount to MSTC’s

(i) Log onto our website using your user id and password.

(ii). Click on ‘EMD pay HDFC net-banking’.

(iii). Click on the button ‘e-Pay’ and select your bank as ‘HDFC’.

(iv). Now put the desired coal e-auction EMD amount in the space provided and clicks on button ‘Pay EMD now’

(v). Buyer shall now be redirected to the website of HDFC bank.

(vi). Using your HDFC, login id and password bidder can transfer the desired amount to MSTC's escrow e-auction account.

C). Customer can deposit DD/PO drawn on HDFC Bank in any CMS branch of HDFC Bank at least Two Working Days before e-auction date in which the bidder intend to participate, along with duly filled in pay -in-slip (CMS Deposit Slip). MPQ will be allotted only on receipt of confirmation / MIS from HDFC Bank.

In the CMS deposit slip the client code should be ‘MSTCCOAL’ if the PO is drawn on HDFC Bank.

For PO drawn on any bank other than HDFC Bank, the client code should be ‘MSTCDD’.

Don’t forget the mention your MSTC buyer number & Company name in the CMS deposit slip in the drawee column.

D). EMD through RTGS/NEFT: Coal buyer can also remit EMD by generating RTGS/NEFT challan through buyer login at MSTC–Coal e-auction page: by clicking at ‘EMD Pay –RTGS/NEFT’. Please find below the details of our bank account:

Beneficiary name: MSTC escrow e-auction

Credit A/c No.: MSCOAL0XXXXX

IFSC Code: HDFC0004989

Note: XXXXX – indicates MSTC’s Buyer Registration No.

For further detail please visit

15. Can we deposit the renewal fee online?

Ans. Yes, Renewal /registration fee can be submitted at any Regional /Branch offices of MSTC by way of DD/PO/NEFT. The DD/PO should be drawn in favour of ‘MSTC LIMITED’ payable at kolkata. The Registration/renewal fee is: Rs.2000/- + 360 (At present GST @18%) = Rs.2360/- shall be in f/o MSTC Limited, payable at Kolkata. For renewal fee payment by way of NEFTt, facility has been provided in buyers login, click on relevant link ‘Renewal Fee pay NEFT’

16. How do I know the date and start time of e-auction being held on your website?

Ans. You can either logon to and then view under the link View Forthcoming e-Auctions or you can visit our corporate website , click on ‘Upcoming Event’ Link then click on link ‘Coal e-Auctions’ and then check the schedule of Spot e-Auctions for the month from there. We also inform all the registered coal buyers through email whenever a new e-auction is hoisted on our website. You can also register yourself with us for getting regular SMS Alerts on your mobile number for forthcoming e-auctions.

17. How do I know the changes in auction (like change of quantity, change in time of auction, deletion of colliery etc.)?

Ans. Necessary changes in auctions are displayed on MSTC’s coal webpage at respective coal companies’ links through corrigendum/notices/revised offer notices etc. The registered bidders/buyers are also intimated through e-mail as well as SMS. The changes can also be viewed through customer’s login. The Subsidiary Coal companies also displayed notices/corrigendum/revised officer, if any on their official website for the coal buyers/bidders.

18. Can buyer transfer EMD from one account to another account?

Ans. No. Each registration of coal buyer is treated as separate account.

19.Can buyer transfer coal EMD to MSTC on same day of e-auction?

Ans. No. EMD is to be deposited by bidder/buyer by way of DD/RTGS/NEFT at least one day before of e-auction date. Intended Bidders/buyers are advised to remit the EMD amount at least two working days advance from e-auction date. However, the EMD amount must be credited in MSTC’s account one day before of e-auction date.

20.Whether registration/renewal fee can be adjusted from balance EMD of the customer?

Ans. No.

21. How do I know whether I have been allotted coal in an auction?

Ans. All the successful buyers will be intimated about the allotment of coal through Sale Intimation Letter after completion of an e-auction. A copy of the same will also be available under e-Auction Status on your Home page.

22. Do I need to deposit EMD separately for each subsidiary of coal India?

Ans. The EMD deposited by bidder/buyer is global EMD. The buyer can participate in any of the coal auctions made available into their login.

23. How do I participate / bid in an e-auction?

Ans. Please follow the procedure given below:

i) Only those customers registered with as a buyer of coal shall be eligible to participate in e-Auction of coal.

ii) The e-Auction shall be open for a period of TWO hours only.

iv) The rate of EMD per MT of coal is as follows.

FOR CIL and its subsidiaries: Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) is at the rate of Rs.500/- per tonne for GCV more than 4300 Kcal [G1 TO G10] and Rs.400/- per tonne for GCV of 4300 Kcal and below [G11-BELOW].

Note: As per CIL notification, dated 02.03.2016 Ref. No.: CIL:S&M: New Pol: 47252:215, All interested registered buyers shall be required to deposit in advance non-interest bearing EMD of Rs.200 per MT for all grades of coking and non-coking coal. This EMD shall not be specific for a particular Subsidiary Coal Company and shall be available with MSTC for participation in the e-Auction across the Subsidiary Coal Companies of CIL, as long as the required amount of EMD is available in the bidders’ a/c.

For Singareni Collieries Company Limited : All Buyers having been registered with MSTC LTD shall also have to furnish non-interest bearing Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) at the rate of Rs.200/- per tonne for all grades with MSTC LTD for participation in e-auction. In case of washery slurry, washery rejects, washery fines and low grade coal the EMD is Rs.50/. Please click here, SCCL- Spot e-Auction scheme, Hyderabad

Note: The rate of EMD is specified by the respective coal companies in advance in the terms and condition of the respective e-auction. The EMD rate as mentioned in the terms and condition shall be final.

v) Minimum Bid quantity through road mode will be 50 MT (for Singareni Collieries Company Limited minimum quantity is 51 MT) and for rail mode it will be 1 Rake. Minimum Bid quantity for special forward e-auction through road mode will be 4000 MT and Minimum Bid quantity for exclusive e-auction through road mode will be 1050 MT. For rail mode it will be 1 rake.

vi) A bidder can bid for any quantity, up to the offered quantity from any particular source for auction provided he has submitted requisite EMD. There is no restriction on maximum quantity that one can bid.

vii) For a given source, a customer can increase his bid any no. of times.

viii) The bidding will start from Reserve Price specified against each source. The bidder will have to quote a price equal to or higher than the Reserve Price or that source to secure consideration in the concerned e-auction.

ix) Prior to scheduled start time of an auction, the auction catalogue will be available under the ‘link Forthcoming Auction'

x) If any bid is received during the last 5 minutes before scheduled close of auction for any source, its close time will get automatically extended by 5 minutes from the time of last bid in order to give all the bidders equal chance to revise their bid.

xi) Bidding will close for a particular source either at the scheduled close time or till there will be period of 5 minutes in which no bid is recorded for the source, whichever happens later.

xii) Coal will be allotted to the H-1 Bidder on the basis of rate, quantity quoted and time of bid in order of preference.

xiii) The customers will be intimated about the allotment of coal through Sale Intimation Letter after the completion of e-auction. A copy of the same will also be available under e-Auction Status on their Home page. However, it will be the responsibility of the bidder to check his status in an auction.

24. I want to know how much EMD is available in my account with MSTC for coal auction?

Ans. Please logon to site with your User id and Password. You can either check your e-ledger online or click on the link ‘My MPQ’.

Please note that the above links are static link which are updated after closing of coal auctions. Therefore if a customer is participating in live coal auction then the current EMD status can been viewed from the live auction floor of an ongoing coal auction.

25. How to apply for EMD refund?

Ans. Please logon to site with your User id and Password. Click on link ‘EMD Refund Request’ and enter the amount in Rs to be refunded. Choose the mode of receipt and submit the button ‘Submit request’.

26. In how many days EMD will be refunded from the date of applying?

Ans. Generally EMD refund request is processed within three working days from the date of receipt of request.

27. Can EMD be deposited by RTGS?

Ans. Yes. For detail refer FAQ no. 13 D.

28. Can EMD be refunded through RTGS/NEFT to coal buyer?

Ans. Yes. EMD can be refunded directly to coal buyer’s registered bank account through RTGS/NEFT facility. EMD refund will be facilitated on receipt of online request from buyer’s login only. However, the coal buyer has to submit duly filled RTGS Mandate Form along with original cancelled cheuqe. Please click here, for RTGS Mandate form.

29. To whom should contacts in case of problem related to EMD transfer/EMD refund or any issue related F&A?

Ans. In such cases or any Finance & account related issues pertaining to coal, bidders can directly contact the officials of Coal cell (F&A) on Phone: 033-22895064 or write email to,

30. If I have forgotten to download sale intimation letter and the same has been deleted from my e-mail. How can I obtain the sale intimation Letter?

Ans. In such cases or any operational issue related to coal e-auctions, the bidders are requested to contact us on 033-22891401 or send e-mail to us at or, requesting to send fresh sale intimation letter mentioning their MSTC Buyer no and details about the date of auction.

31. What is the procedure for change of contact person?

Ans. The bidder is required to submit an application for change of contact person and contact details, old I-card(s) issued by the customer, a DD of Rs 1180/- (Rs.1000 + Applicable GST @18 %), in favour of MSTC Limited, payable at Kolkata, Authorization letter for the new contact person, 1 or 2 passport size photo of the new authorized/ contact person and a signature proof of the person.

32. What is the procedure for change of address?

Ans. The bidder is required to submit an application for change of address, old I-card(s) issued to him/her, a DD of Rs 1180/- (Rs.1000 + Applicable GST @18 %), in f/o MSTC Limited, payable at Kolkata, 1 or 2 passport size photo of the contact /authorized person and address proof (e.g. GST certificate, Bank Certificate, factory license etc.)

33. What is the procedure for change of Company Name?

Ans. The bidder is required to submit an application for change of company name, old I-card(s) issued to him/her, a DD of Rs 1180/- (Rs.1000 + applicable GST @18 %) in f/o MSTC Limited, payable at Kolkata, 1 or 2 passport size photo of the authorized/contact person, Pan card of the Company/Proprietor, GST certificate, Fresh certificate of Incorporation issued by ROC (applicable in case of Private LTD/LTD Company).

34.What is the procedure for change of bank details?

Ans. The bidder/buyer has to produce a certificate issued by bank for change of bank details along with one application on the letterhead.

35. Non receipt of SMS or change of mobile number?

Ans. The bidder/buyer should login into , click on link ‘SMS Alert’ and provide their updated mobile no. so as to get regular SMS.

36. From what date the validity of registration of customer will be extended?

Ans. The validity date of registration is extended from the date of expiry of validity.

37. How can I know the name of the customers who are bidding in an auction?

Ans. It is not possible. The identity of the bidder/buyer bidding is hidden.

38. Once a bid is made can some request for withdrawal of the same?

Ans No, bid once registered with our server can never be withdrawn.

39. Can a company nominate more than one contact person?

Ans. No.

40. Where can I find the details of applicable taxes and duties for purchase of coal from different coal companies?

Ans. In most of the cases the Coal Companies provide details of applicable taxes either in the Terms and Conditions of the e-auction or they are provided under the link ‘Statutory Charges’ provided for each coal company on their official website as well as

41. On which browser can we access web site?

Ans. You are recommended to use ‘Internet explorer version 7 and above’.

42. What is Transaction Password?

Ans. It is a password required at the time of bidding.

43. How to create a Transaction Password?

Ans. Step i. Login in to the web site with user id and password.

Step ii. Click on the link Change your password.

Step iii. Choose the option button: transaction password.

Step iv. In the column Old Password [login/transaction] enter your login password.

Step v. In the column new password, you may create your new transaction password.

Step vi. In the column Confirm password, you may type the transaction password entered in step5.

Thus your transaction password in created.

44. In case a customer forgets his transaction password, how can he obtain the same?

Ans. Follow steps provided in FAQ no 43.

45. What digital signature is required to participate in the coal auctions?

Ans. Class II and Class III (b) digital signature can be used.

46. How to Register/Verify Digital Signature in buyer login?

Ans. Step -i. Login in to the web site with user id and password.

Step ii. Click on the link “Register/Verify Digital Signature”

Step iii. Agree with the prompt message from our site.

Step iv. DSC would be displayed in the Pop box by TCS.

Step v. Choose your DSC and click ok. System shall ask for password of DSC.

Step vi. System shall display the message of successful DSC registration after it accepts the password.

Thus your DSC is registered.

47. How to resolve issues related with settings of the computer which block the active X controls or add-on from MSTC ecommerce site for DSC registration?

Ans. The settings of the computer can be configured according to “DSC guide”, link given at the coal login page:

48. Which browser works fine for coal e-auction?

Ans.. Coal buyers have option to use any browser of their choice for participation. However, since DSC verification is necessary for bidding, Internet Explorer (IE) is advisable to use. It is to be noted that MSTC web portal for coal e-auction is best viewed in IE version 7.0 & above, and also works fine under Windows 7 and above.

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