Bulletin Board

Live Tenders
1. Tender No. RBI/Mumbai/Mumbai/38/18-19/ET/331 for Eventwise
2. Tender No. RBI/Central Office/Premises Department/12/18-19/ET/380 for Eventwise
3. Tender No. RBI/Central Office/DCM/1/19-20/ET/4 for Itemwise
4. Tender No. RBI/Imphal/Imphal/1/18-19/ET/426 for Eventwise
5. Tender No. RBI/Central Office/Central Office/4/19-20/ET/8 for Eventwise
6. Tender No. RBI/Bangalore/Bangalore/1/19-20/ET/7 for Eventwise
7. Tender No. RBI/CAB Pune//10/19-20/ET/10 for Eventwise
8. Tender No. RBI/Jaipur/HRMD/6/19-20/ET/22 for Eventwise
9. Tender No. RBI/Raipur/HRMD/7/19-20/ET/25 for Eventwise
10. Tender No. RBI/New Delhi/DIT/1/19-20/ET/11 for Itemwise

Forthcoming Tenders
1. Tender No. RBI/Chennai/Issue/2/19-20/ET/24 for Eventwise
2. Tender No. RBI/New Delhi/HRMD/3/19-20/ET/12 for Eventwise
3. Tender No. RBI/Bhopal/Bhopal/1/19-20/ET/1 for Eventwise
4. Tender No. RBI/New Delhi/HRMD/9/19-20/ET/28 for Itemwise
5. Tender No. RBI/Central Office/DSIM/5/19-20/ET/23 for Eventwise
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