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Live Tenders
Change in event no. as NMDC/Bacheli/129/21-22/ET/181 in place of NMDC/Bacheli/111/21-22/ET/160
1. Tender No. NMDC/Donimalai/36/22-23/ET/275 for Eventwise
2. Tender No. NMDC/Kirandul/253/22-23/ET/760 for Eventwise
3. Tender No. NMDC/Kirandul/254/22-23/ET/761 for Eventwise
4. Tender No. NMDC/Kirandul/260/22-23/ET/769 for Eventwise
5. Tender No. NMDC/HO/80/22-23/ET/658 for Eventwise
6. Tender No. NMDC/Kirandul/229/22-23/ET/697 for Eventwise
7. Tender No. NMDC/Donimalai/11/22-23/ET/64 for Eventwise
8. Tender No. NMDC/HO/70/22-23/ET/584 for Eventwise
9. Tender No. NMDC/Bacheli/234/22-23/ET/565 for Eventwise
10. Tender No. NMDC/Kirandul/263/22-23/ET/774 for Eventwise
11. Tender No. NMDC/Bacheli/225/22-23/ET/556 for Eventwise
12. Tender No. NMDC/Bacheli/233/22-23/ET/564 for Eventwise
13. Tender No. NMDC/Bacheli/313/22-23/ET/720 for Eventwise
14. Tender No. NMDC/Bacheli/315/22-23/ET/722 for Eventwise
15. Tender No. NMDC/Bacheli/316/22-23/ET/723 for Eventwise
16. Tender No. NMDC/Bacheli/317/22-23/ET/724 for Eventwise
17. Tender No. NMDC/Bacheli/229/22-23/ET/560 for Eventwise
18. Tender No. NMDC/Donimalai/80/22-23/ET/691 for Eventwise
19. Tender No. NMDC/Kirandul/269/22-23/ET/792 for Eventwise
20. Tender No. NMDC/Bacheli/340/22-23/ET/786 for Eventwise
21. Tender No. NMDC/Bacheli/341/22-23/ET/787 for Eventwise
22. Tender No. NMDC/Bacheli/285/22-23/ET/649 for Eventwise
23. Tender No. NMDC/Bacheli/342/22-23/ET/788 for Eventwise
24. Tender No. NMDC/Donimalai/86/22-23/ET/820 for Eventwise
25. Tender No. NMDC/Donimalai/63/22-23/ET/460 for Eventwise
26. Tender No. NMDC/Donimalai/62/22-23/ET/459 for Eventwise
27. Tender No. NMDC/Bacheli/289/22-23/ET/653 for Eventwise
28. Tender No. NMDC/Donimalai/64/22-23/ET/461 for Eventwise
29. Tender No. NMDC/Donimalai/65/22-23/ET/463 for Eventwise
30. Tender No. NMDC/Donimalai/67/22-23/ET/486 for Eventwise
31. Tender No. NMDC/Donimalai/77/22-23/ET/634 for Eventwise
32. Tender No. NMDC/Panna/19/22-23/ET/853 for Eventwise
33. Tender No. NMDC/Bacheli/362/22-23/ET/832 for Eventwise
34. Tender No. NMDC/Bacheli/363/22-23/ET/833 for Eventwise
35. Tender No. NMDC/Bacheli/364/22-23/ET/834 for Eventwise
36. Tender No. NMDC/Bacheli/365/22-23/ET/835 for Eventwise
37. Tender No. NMDC/Bacheli/366/22-23/ET/836 for Eventwise
38. Tender No. NMDC/Bacheli/367/22-23/ET/837 for Eventwise

Forthcoming Tenders
1. Tender No. NMDC/HO/93/22-23/ET/821 for Eventwise
2. Tender No. NMDC/HO/87/22-23/ET/777 for Eventwise
3. Tender No. NMDC/Kirandul/283/22-23/ET/843 for Eventwise
4. Tender No. NMDC/Kirandul/290/22-23/ET/866 for Eventwise
5. Tender No. NMDC/Kirandul/293/22-23/ET/872 for Eventwise
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