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1. Tender No. EPIL/NRO/CON/773/729/22-23/ET/135 for Appoint of Contract for STPI
2. Tender No. EPIL/PCO/BBSR/793/078/22-23/ET/125 for 20000 LPD capacity dairy plan
3. Tender No. EPIL/PCO/BBSR/951/089/22-23/ET/140 for CONSULTACY SERVICES
4. Tender No. EPIL/PCO/BBSR/953/090/22-23/ET/141 for CONSULTACY SERVICES
5. Tender No. EPIL/PCO/BBSR/952/091/22-23/ET/142 for CONSULTACY SERVICES
6. Tender No. EPIL/PCO/BBSR/950/092/22-23/ET/143 for CONSULTACY SERVICES
7. Tender No. EPIL/SRO/CON/ETS/152/22-23/ET/131 for ARGON GAS RECEIVER TANKS
8. Tender No. EPIL/PCO/BBSR/886/079/22-23/ET/128 for SITC OF 11KVA SUBSTATION
9. Tender No. EPIL/SRO/CON/ETS/151/22-23/ET/129 for Upgradation Kanniyakumari RL
10. Tender No. EPIL/ERO/CON/890/1288/22-23/ET/134 for Dev Works of Schools Pkg 10C
11. Tender No. EPIL/ERO/CON/890/1287/22-23/ET/133 for Dev Works of Schools Pkg 10B
12. Tender No. EPIL/PCO/BBSR/952/098/22-23/ET/144 for Construction of PHC
13. Tender No. EPIL/PCO/BBSR/951/101/22-23/ET/145 for Construction of PHC
14. Tender No. EPIL/PCO/BBSR/951/102/22-23/ET/146 for Construction of 24X7 PHC

Forthcoming Tenders
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