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Live Tenders
1. Event No.MOIL/22-23/ET/80- Consof132KVSSwithOandMcontfor5yrs at BGT Mine
2. Event No.MOIL/22-23/ET/81- Painting Waterproofing in guest house at BG Mine
3. Event No.MOIL/22-23/ET/82- Construction of Transformer Room at BG Mine
4. Event No.MOIL/22-23/ET/83- Constn and installation of Bio Toilet at Ukwa Mine
5. Event No.MOIL/22-23/ET/84- Annual Repairs to Quarters at Chikla Mine

Forthcoming Tenders
1. Event No. MOIL/22-23/ET/74 start on Empl ofconsultant for improv in the busi procofCom
2. Event No. MOIL/22-23/ET/96 start on Replacing he old roofing sheets including the supp
3. Event No. MOIL/22-23/ET/97 start on Renovation of toilets and bathrooms including til
4. Event No. MOIL/22-23/ET/98 start on External and internal painting including miscella
5. Event No. MOIL/22-23/ET/87 start on Constn of water collection tank at kandri Mine
6. Event No. MOIL/22-23/ET/88 start on Construction of canteen Building at Ukwa Mine
7. Event No. MOIL/22-23/ET/85 start on Replacement of old damaged G.I Sheets at MOIL Nagp
8. Event No. MOIL/22-23/ET/86 start on P and A distempering painting at MOIL Bhavan Nagp
9. Event No. MOIL/22-23/ET/90 start on Constn of Community Hall at 2 locations Puri CSR
10. Event No. MOIL/22-23/ET/91 start on Fixing of Aluminium Sliding Windows at Tirodi Mine
11. Event No. MOIL/22-23/ET/92 start on Annual Repairs to camp quarters at Tirodi Mine.
12. Event No. MOIL/22-23/ET/93 start on Annual Repairs to Residential and Camp Quarters
13. Event No. MOIL/22-23/ET/94 start on Peripheral Developmental Works / Civil Works
14. Event No. MOIL/22-23/ET/95 start on Construction of Cement Concrete Platform at Railwa
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