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Live Tenders
1. Event No.MOIL/13-14/ET/13- AS PER NIT
2. Event No.MOIL/19-20/ET/131- Sampling n analysis of respirable dust in all mine
3. Event No.MOIL/19-20/ET/132- UG development at 1650 ft Level at Ukwa Mine
4. Event No.MOIL/19-20/ET/133- UG development at 1750 ft Level at Ukwa Mine
5. Event No.MOIL/19-20/ET/134- UG Exploratory dev 148 mrl to 118 mrl Beldongri RD
6. Event No.MOIL/19-20/ET/135- Extra excavation in Mn rock at -470 ft L VS Chikla
7. Event No.MOIL/19-20/ET/136- Const of Adm building with CW n parking Tirodi Min
8. Event No.MOIL/19-20/ET/137- Annual repairs to camp quarters at Beldongri Mine
9. Event No.MOIL/19-20/ET/138- Operation of pumps for drinking water at Beldongri
10. Event No.MOIL/19-20/ET/139- Contreting 8 9 10 11 12 and 13 half L at Balaghat
11. Event No.MOIL/19-20/ET/141- Purchase of sand for sand stowing at Balaghat Mine
12. Event No.MOIL/19-20/ET/142- Pushing of tubs in UG at Chikla Mine
13. Event No.MOIL/19-20/ET/143- Purchase of basalt fines -4mm size at Gumgaon mine
14. Event No.MOIL/19-20/ET/144- Supply of black gitti for UG concreting at Gumgaon
15. Event No.MOIL/19-20/ET/146- Cleaning of ROM pit No5 of Sitapatore Sukli Mine
16. Event No.MOIL/19-20/ET/149- Making and supply of mud plug at Balaghat Mine
17. Event No.MOIL/19-20/ET/150- Loading unloading steel section at NOS Kandri Mine
18. Event No.MOIL/19-20/ET/151- Drill of 57 mm dia hole -300 ft L Gumgaon Mine
19. Event No.MOIL/19-20/ET/152- Drill of 57 mm dia hole at 11 12 13 hf L Balaghat
20. Event No.MOIL/19-20/ET/159- Ore tolley breaking at Chikla Mine
21. Event No.MOIL/19-20/ET/160- Rem of accumulated pebble nr sand stowing Balaghat
22. Event No.MOIL/19-20/ET/163- Hessian Cloth
23. Event No.MOIL/19-20/ET/170- Safety Goggles
24. Event No.MOIL/19-20/ET/171- EngAgency to conduct sel process to recr var postM
25. Event No.MOIL/19-20/ET/178- Pneumatic Tyre Tube and Flaps and Solid Tyres
26. Event No.MOIL/19-20/ET/179- GRINDING WHEELS
27. Event No.MOIL/19-20/ET/180- M S WELDING ELECTRODES
28. Event No.MOIL/19-20/ET/181- Titanium Anode Plates - 450 Nos.1 Lot
29. Event No.MOIL/19-20/ET/187- Zirconium Coil  15 Nos.1 Lot
30. Event No.MOIL/19-20/ET/188- Lead Cathode Plates  450 Nos.1 Lot
31. Event No.MOIL/19-20/ET/189- Renof VS by rep of GuideRailBtnSolLadat Chikla MIn
32. Event No.MOIL/19-20/ET/190- Safety Gumboots
34. Event No.MOIL/19-20/ET/192- PVC PIPES - 12 mm AND 20 mm
36. Event No.MOIL/19-20/ET/195- Tramline Accessories
37. Event No.MOIL/19-20/ET/197- C.I.Ball Valves

Forthcoming Tenders
1. Event No. MOIL/19-20/ET/194 start on VEHICLE BATTERIES
2. Event No. MOIL/19-20/ET/198 start on Butterfly Valves
3. Event No. MOIL/19-20/ET/166 start on Const of RCC wall for Rly siding and gantry at DB
4. Event No. MOIL/19-20/ET/167 start on Const of stone masonry wall at lease boundry at DB
5. Event No. MOIL/19-20/ET/168 start on Const of Community hall in village Gobarwahi
6. Event No. MOIL/19-20/ET/169 start on CC road side drain compound wall Govt Sch Bagholi
7. Event No. MOIL/19-20/ET/196 start on RUBBER AIR HOSES
8. Event No. MOIL/19-20/ET/199 start on C.I.Gate Foot and N R Valves -
9. Event No. MOIL/19-20/ET/200 start on D.G.Sets 4 Nos.4 Lots.
10. Event No. MOIL/19-20/ET/174 start on Pushing n unloading of tub in UG and surface Ukwa
11. Event No. MOIL/19-20/ET/175 start on Rec of SM and Ferro grd from north dump at Tirodi
12. Event No. MOIL/19-20/ET/165 start on RepandMaintCont dom EleInt of ResBulatGumgaonMine
13. Event No. MOIL/19-20/ET/176 start on Trench cutting in ore stack at Chikla Mine
14. Event No. MOIL/19-20/ET/177 start on Extra excavation in Mn rock at Chikla Mine
15. Event No. MOIL/19-20/ET/183 start on Secondary rec of UKL-471 FW dump at Ukwa Mine
16. Event No. MOIL/19-20/ET/201 start on G.I.Wire Netting and S.S.Screen Cloth
17. Event No. MOIL/19-20/ET/203 start on ERW STEEL PIPES
18. Event No. MOIL/19-20/ET/202 start on Purchase of SPRING STEEL SCREEN PANELS -15 items
19. Event No. MOIL/19-20/ET/204 start on PP Filter Press 1 No.1 Lot
20. Event No. MOIL/19-20/ET/212 start on FRVE Header Bars for Anodes and Cathodes 450 Nos
21. Event No. MOIL/19-20/ET/184 start on Const of New generator house at North 6 Tirodi Mi
22. Event No. MOIL/19-20/ET/172 start on Proof33KVoutdoorcheckmeterfor33KVlineat Gumgaon Mi
23. Event No. MOIL/19-20/ET/209 start on Cleaning of excess ROM at Beldongri Mine
24. Event No. MOIL/19-20/ET/210 start on Providing US manpower in CnS Plant at Chikla MIne
25. Event No. MOIL/19-20/ET/211 start on Loading Unloading steel section at Dongri Buzurg M
26. Event No. MOIL/19-20/ET/205 start on Transportation sand from Kankti Ghat to Balaghat m
27. Event No. MOIL/19-20/ET/206 start on Production SM grd ore BGL-523 from UG of Balaghat
28. Event No. MOIL/19-20/ET/207 start on PnC DBL-563 fm ROM through mobile crushing DB Mine
29. Event No. MOIL/19-20/ET/208 start on PnC DBL-563 fm ROM through mobile crushing DB Mine
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