Auto Extension

This option for sellers automatically extends the amount of time left to bid by fifteen minutes if someone places a bid near the end of the auction.

Automatic Bidding

The system automatically places bids on your behalf at the lowest possible increments. You enter the highest amount you are willing to pay, then the computer goes to work for you. The goal is for you to win your item at the lowest possible price. Your maximum bid amount is placed only when another bidder has actually bid up to that amount.

Bid Increments

Any new bid you place must be greater than the current high bid.


Under certain circumstances, some seller may want to block specific bidders from participating in their auctions. Your blacklist is a place to enter the MSTC IDs of users you want to block from participating in your auctions.


In order to place a bid or sell an item you need to register at MSTC. Buyers and Sellers are required to register online. Buyers are required to pay a Registration Fee.

Reserve Price

The reserve price is the lowest price at which a seller is willing to sell an item. If at the close of auction, the bidders have not met the reserve price, the seller is not obligated to sell.

Starting Price

All bidding for your item will start at this price. Please keep this amount as low as possible. Bids below this amount will not be accepted.

Subject to Approval (STA)

At the close of auction when the bid amount has not met the reserve price, the seller is not obligated to sell and it is an option to the seller whether he is agreeable to sell at that amount. In fact when the bid reaches close to the reserve price it is set to STA otherwise the item is set as ‘Rejected’.